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Be Prepared for Easter Guests

Posted on April 10, 2017

Easter is that one celebration that really creeps up on people. Firstly, it is never on the same date each year – like Christmas, since its yearly date is determined by the last Full Moon after Spring or the March Equinox which is always on the 20th. This will naturally impact other Christian holidays in the Gregorian calendar around this time of the year, like Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

Due to the unusual scheduling of this holiday, planning and preparing for guests, especially students who are often faced with midterm exams during March or are preparing for Finals come April, can be difficult. Spring time, at the office, may entail preparation for year-end, or tax season for some. Now that we’ve noted a few challenges, let’s look at a few ways to minimize the stress and maximize the potential for family fun.

1) Be prepared: This may sound obvious, but being prepared for a herd of hungry guests is a great way to avoid panic. Planning a menu ahead of time will ultimately leave you calm and collected. A week, or two before your event, head to the grocery store and start filling up on nonperishable menu item necessities. If some food items, you are planning to serve can be prepared and frozen beforehand – do that! Keep fresh fruit and vegetable purchases to 24 hours beforehand.

If you haven’t planned any meal yet, Martha Stewart has 14 Eastern Menus ideas just for you.

2) Think of the kids: No Easter is complete without a crowd of energetic kids looking to make a mess. Quarantine a section of your house for kid-friendly activities such as pin the tail on the bunny, an Easter egg hunt and even Easter-themed arts and crafts. Keeping their minds and hands occupied is a recipe for success. Now that the kids are taken care of, the adults need attending to.

Easter Egg Hunt

3) Sleeping arrangements: If you have guests staying the night, it is best to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Evaluate the room for any hazards that could ruin your guests’ experience. Tidy up the room and remove any toys, repair lifting corners on rugs, change bright night-lights that might possibly aggravate a light sleeper.

If possible, clear out a dedicated drawer or closet space so your guests have a place to store their belonging. You are not trying to drastically change the feel of the room, rather make it liveable and comfortable for the short-term. Arrange that an outlet is nearby so your guests’ electronics can stay charged or perhaps designate one location on a power bar for everyone to charge up on!

4) Get excited: The Easter period can be a great opportunity to slow down, relax and enjoy yourself if you are not receiving guests. Take the long weekend to take walks and gather your thoughts. The holidays are as much about you as they are about your family; don’t forget that. Cut out some private time to re-energize physically and mentally if the preparations have been intense. Spend some extra time in your bedroom to meditate or listen to relaxing music. Relish in the oasis you created; be proud of your achievements, however small.

The moral of this story is simple; you are the master of your own happiness. Whether you are entertaining this Easter, or purely taking advantage of the long weekend, make sure to carve out some “me time”.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert


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