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Cottage Space Saving Tips

Posted on July 6, 2017

Cottage Space Saving Tips

Families that frequently travel to the cottage know all too well that using space effectively is key to keeping things organized, easy to find and neat. Follow along as we list the easiest ways to maximize on space and minimize on stress.

Choose the Right Bed

If you are looking to create more space in the bedrooms of your cottage, think about a Twin XL mattress. Sleeping arrangements can be dramatically improved if you opt for a Twin XL, which is approximately 6 inches longer than a single depending on the brand. With a long and narrow mattress, you can easily negotiate tight stairwells and small rooms. Additionally, the extra space created can easily make room for another guest or more storage space.

The Twin XL offers versatility and comfort that always surprises. A slender person standing 6'5" will fit comfortably in this bed. Dangling toes and limbs over the edge don’t make for a comfortable sleep.

Alternatively, a folding bed or a premium inflatable mattress will also do the trick. High quality sleep gear can be found at reasonable prices at many different retailers.

Twin bed in the middle of the room

Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

Location is Key

The organization of your room can also greatly impact its feel. Placing your new bed in the centre of a wall will dramatically change the utility of your bedroom. This way, you will have enough room on both sides of your bed for nightstands and dressers. Keep in mind, creating space for storage must always be the motivation for making changes in your room.

Bed with Storage solution

Source: Brobern Bed from Signature Design

Extra Storage You Will Create

Get creative with storage! The small space under your bed could easily be utilized as a storage space. Either purchase a frame with built in drawers or devise your own stowing system of long and short plastic crates. There is space all around you; you just need to look for it and be creative.

Storage Bed at the cottage

Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

If you’re lucky enough to have a closet in your bedroom, try placing a narrow dresser inside that small space. This way, the typically unused floor of your closet is being used efficiently, while still allowing you to hang your clothes with ease and with multiple drawers to boot! Instant expansion of your closet space!

Canadians who enjoy summer activities savour every sunny moment outdoors. Spending time in nature with your favourite people is important to feed your mind, body, and spirit, so make this summer an adventurous one filled with lasting memories. Get the organizing out of the way early in the season so you can get busy having fun!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to improve the quality of your sleep with the changing seasons.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert


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