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Modern Vs. Traditional Furniture – What’s the Difference?

Posted on September 18, 2017

“Being modern is about challenging what is expected. New combinations are especially interesting. It’s really about a new flexibility and expressing your own sense of style.” – Calvin Klein

Searching for design inspiration for your condo, apartment or house? One word you’ll routinely see is “modern.” What is this modern style choice, and why should it interest you?

It starts with the end of World War II.

Post War Practicality and the Rise of Modern Furniture

  Traditional Furniture - bedroom collection
Modernism was an ideal born post World War II. As the world recovered from the horrors of war, designers began to shun the heavy, dark, brooding, Victorian-inspired styles and turned to more, streamlined, light and airy materials and fabrics. The goal was to achieve simplicity, removing the focus of décor as a sign of social status, and instead allowing furniture to be practical, easy to assemble, and easy to move. Glass, steel and chrome become common elements in modern furniture – a departure from sold wood, dark stains and finishes, and ornate designs.


Modern Furniture in Today’s World

The world kept right on changing, and modern furniture fit nicely into the shifting demographics. Instead of inheriting a family home, young people were buying their own. By the time the millennial generation showed up, the trend was to get a starter home, and keep trading up the property ladder until it was time to downsize again. Toss in the recent “tiny home” movement that a cash strapped generation was quick to adopt, and you see how practical post-modernism furniture can be.

Modern furniture is light, easy to move, fits into smaller spaces, and blends seamlessly into a room, allowing art, fabrics, and other décor to personalize the space.

How to Choose your Modern Furniture

That being said, just because it is classified as “modern” doesn’t mean you lack choices to suit your individual style. You may like a heavier, darker style, but still want the practicality of modern furniture. That’s okay! Here’s how to choose the modern furniture that works for your style, and your space.

1.      Measure. Then measure again. Modern furniture is made for every style of home, from the tiny dwelling on wheels to the estate home in the country. Before you start shopping for the table, couch or bedframe of your dreams, measure out your spaces. Use masking tape so you can see how big, or small, the furniture will be once in the space. This will help you avoid disappointment if you buy a sleek glass and silver table, but have no room for the chairs.


2.      Determine Your Style: Do you want hints of Victorianism in your furniture? Are you after a masculine style for the ultimate bachelor pad? Is practically your focus? Do you want something to complement your industrial loft converted condo? Once you determine your style preference, you’ll know if you are looking for an exposed gear wall clock, a leather covered bar stool or a glass side table. No matter what your style, modern furniture has a practical, sleek and stylish solution for your needs.


3.      Choose Your Shopping Destination Wisely: You and your furniture will be together for a long time. Not only do you need your choices to be of the highest quality, you want a good selection for every room in your house. It takes time, energy and money to source premier modern furnishing from different locations across the city. Why not go to the one place where you can find everything you need in a variety of size, colour, and style options? Not to mention great customer service and knowledgeable staff?  That one place is Modern Living London, where we care about the quality of the products we carry, and thus feature all the leading Canadian and Italian manufacturers. We also care about the customers we sell these brands too.



Modern furniture is the urban, practical and stylish choice of this generation. Come see how it fits your needs, and every room in your house, by visiting us online at, and at our 600 Wharncliffe Road South location in London, Ontario. 


Sometimes getting just the right look requires a little assistance. Whether it’s sketching out a new floor plan, picking paint colors, selecting the right accents, or a complete makeover, we can help. Just ask.

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